The Herkimer Humane Society is working with State Police to find the cruel individual who abandoned their tiny cat in the cold snow.

Humane Societies Overwhelmed

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It's extremely expensive to own a pet these days. Pet food has skyrocketed in price, but not as much as veterinary costs.  My dog Harvey recently visited his vet for his annual shots and to refill his heartworm, flea and tick preventatives. I walked out with a bill for $803.

I can understand that pet owners are struggling, but that still doesn't make it okay to dump your pet on the side of the road during a winter storm.

That happened in Herkimer, which posted a scathing update about a frightened feline that was found in a flimsy carrier on the side of the highway this week.

This is the kitty that was forced to spend the night on the side of the highway in this flimsy carrier in the cold snow last night. He was so scared we watched him roll the carrier across the yard as he was flailing around terrified.

The society does have security cameras and the individual made sure to deposit the cat in a place where they wouldn't be recorded.

Herkimer Humane is asking anyone who recognizes the animal to contact them or the New York State Police so they can charge the individual who did such a spineless act.

"NO animal deserves to be irresponsibly and unsafely dumped this way no matter your personal circumstances," the post continued, adding that people are free to contact the shelter and pursue a proper transfer of ownership.

It is illegal to abandon a pet in New York and those found guilty of animal abandonment can be charged with a misdemeanor.

Trooper Already Up for Adoption

AngelaMacario from Getty Images
AngelaMacario from Getty Images

The small white kitty, which has little black spots on the top of his head and in patches on his body, has since been named Trooper for surviving such a horrible ordeal. It's estimated he's about two years of age.

Despite everything that happened, Trooper is ready to find a loving new home where he can comfortably make the best biscuits for his family.

Shelters across the United States are struggling with an influx of pet surrenders and animal abandonment cases, like Trooper's, exacerbate their resources. With it being kitten season, some shelters are recieving thousands of animals a week and are running out of space and money.

Kitten season starts in March and lasts through October, causing hundreds of thousands of kittens to be abandoned at American shelters. It's estimated that millions are surrendered each year.

For those who want to support their local humane society, these organizations are asking for everything and anything to keep up with demand.

How to Help Your Local Humane Society

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Humane Societies are mostly not-for-profit and rely on grants and donations to survive. They also rely on volunteers to help take care of the animals, fundraise, educate the community, and assist in grant writing.

You can volunteer at the Herkimer Humane Society by clicking HERE.  You can also check out the shelter's current wish list, which is currently asking for bedding, cleaning supplies, food and much more.

The Anita's Stevens Swan Humane Society in Utica is also desperately seeking donations and volunteers to help with rising demand. You can click HERE to find out how to help the shelter through this difficult time.

If you find yourself no longer able to take care of your pet for whatever reason, whether it be financial or due to personal health, these shelters will take in your pet without judgement. They understand that everyone is struggling right now, but the animal should not be punished for what they cannot control.

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