A glorious Utica restaurant wrestled a coveted crown away from New York City. Central New York is officially home to the state's most romantic restaurant.

If you search "Romantic Restaurants NY" or any variation of the matter, the results are likely to bombard you with New York City hotspots like BONDST or The Wesley.

According to Good Housekeeping, which is hailed as the go-to magazine for American women, NYC isn't the place for the ultimate date night anymore. Instead, Central New York is the place that checks all the boxes.

1. "Away from the Hustle and Bustle"

Maybe that is why Good Housekeeping snubbed NYC in their national roundup of the Most Romantic Restaurants in Every State.

They explained:

If you're looking for the perfect spot for a dinner date, we've got you covered. Whether you're celebrating an anniversary or taking a roadtrip and want to spend a special night out when you're visiting a new state, this list is chock-full of cozy, charming restaurants serving up scrumptious bites across the U.S.

Those to make the cut were all highly ranked for romance, taste, and elegance. For the latter, we all know nothing can shatter the mood faster than emergency sirens or belligerent tourists.

Those distractions aren't as frequent here in Central New York. That said, Good Housekeeping announced best place in New York to enjoy fine dining while staring into your lover's eyes is none other than The Tailor and the Cook.

Located on Genesee Street in Utica, this upscale restaurant has amazingly high scores from critics and casual diners across the board. It's so popular, diners are recommended to reserve a table well in advance.

One does not simply walk in to The Tailor and the Cook.

What Makes the Tailor and the Cook Better than NYC Restaurants?

Good Housekeeping hailed the restaurant's location, dedication to local farmers, and its incredibly inviting ambiance.

Although it might surprise you, the most romantic restaurant in New York isn't located in Manhattan. Away from the hustle and bustle, dine on thoughtfully prepared farm-to-table dishes in a warm and inviting setting at The Tailor and the Cook.

A visit to the restaurant's website shows all the local places they source their food. The list outlines where they purchased things like their cheeses, butters, vegetables, teas, and even salt.

Google Maps
Google Maps

If that doesn't impress you, check out their award page that lists all the accolades they earned since opening their doors.

It also should be noted that in addition to providing a romantic atmosphere for diners, the restaurant is proud to honor the city of Utica and its rich history.

The Tailor & The Cook, is an homage to the history of our beautiful building at 94 Genesee Street in Utica. Since the birth of the city, this address has been home to a number of thriving businesses including the UTK Tailoring Company, from 1910 until the 1940s.

The owners are very keen on "serving some of the best food Uticans have ever tasted."  To me, that demonstrates their dedication to the local community.

A New Era for The Tailor & the Cook

While the restaurant paid homage to their building's rich history, the restaurant is spreading its wings and flying to a new location in Utica.

The famed restaurant is leaving 98 Genesee Street to pursue a new home at 311 Main Street, which is right by the train station. The move was in partnership with Mohawk Valley Garden, who purchased the building that'll serve as their new home.

The restaurant will take over the first floor where the old Children's Museum used to operate. The area will allow the restaurant to seat 100 people, which means it'll be able to serve more people concurrently than its home on Genesee.

Not only that, the restaurant will soon offer dinner 7 days a week instead of its current Wednesday through Sunday schedule.

(Courtesy of Tailor and the cook)
(Courtesy of Tailor and the cook)

The menu will also expand and include more intricate bites to dazzle and surprise guests.

An exact move-in date has not been announced, but the move is slated to complete sometime this fall.

Based on their most recent update, the move is right on schedule and soon people will be able to dine even closer to historic Bagg's Square. That also means the owners can enjoy shopping for fresh produce right next door each Saturday for the Oneida County Public Market.


Congratulations to the Tailor and the Cook for landing in the national spotlight and for besting all NYC has to offer.

It was a hard-fought, but well-earned honor. Check out some of their scrumptious and eye-catching offerings below:


Have you eaten at The Tailor and the Cook? How romantic was your outing?

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