New York students' dependance on artificial intelligence has grown at an alarming rate and is now at the point where the state has some of the most cheaters in the nation.

Why Write When a Robot Can Do It?

That seems to be one of the main questions New York students find themselves asking because a new study from Nootroedge looked into the data to pinpoint the states where students are the most prone to academic cheating.


Thanks to programs like ChatGPT, students can plug in a simple essay prompt with a word limit and sit back to let A.I. do the work for them. Unfortunately, too many of these students are now using artificial intelligence beyond just finishing homework.

The tech experts at Nootroedge found that even more New York students are turning to this resource to write their college essays. You know, the one part in the college application process where you show off your personality and that you are, emphatically, not a machine?

Oh, the irony.

What The Data Found

The tech experts compiled data to list the states with the highest and lowest number of students willing to use artificial intelligence to cheat on a college application essay. Part of the data used Google search volumes for prompts like "AI essay writer" and then localized the data to the state's population size.

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This comes around the time students are finishing those college application essays, which can be daunting since you're serving yourself up for the ultimate rejection or acceptance. It's terrifying and intimidating, so that may be why students are now fleeing to the safety of artificial intelligence. The rejection will sting less if a robot was the one to pour that hard work into an admissions essay.

That said, Google searches for how to write these essays are up a whopping 110%!

Here in New York, it seems guidance counselors and parents need to keep a closer eye on the writing style of their children because students in this state are more likely to cheat.

How New York Ranks

In a poll of the 50 states with the least and most likely students to use A.I. to cheat, New York came in with the 3rd highest number of cheaters. The state clocked in an average search volume of 13.2 per 100,000 people, which is a sliver behind second-place finisher Massachusetts with 13.3 out of 100k.

First place went to Utah while fourth and fifth place respectively went to Rhode Island and Texas.

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Said the study:

The data across these states clearly shows a need for further academic support to ensure students are equipped with the skills necessary for college applications without resorting to AI assistance...

The study also revealed other popular search terms, such as ‘write an essay for me’, 'chatgpt essay', and ‘how to study effectively,’ indicating there is more that can be done to help support our students and ensure they understand the fundamentals and are less reliant on AI for support.

It's recommended that students struggling with writing essays, especially for a college application, should seek support from their peers, teachers, or online groups geared toward perfecting one's writing style.

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In all, students should seek assistance from those who won't offer judgemental criticism and instead work toward pinpointing their weaknesses and turning them into strengths.

Thomas Riley, Nootropics Expert at Nootroedge, adds:

However, it’s important that students recognize the difference between getting help online and then impacting their academic integrity – as the use of AI essay writers isn’t encouraged and will be seen as plagiarism, which students are clearly keen to avoid.

Concentration is a difficult skill to hone; however, it is crucial when it comes to writing, which is why natural supplements - ideally that include ingredients such as Bacopa and L-theanine – can be useful for college students to help enhance their learning and revision skills. They can also help to reduce the brain fog after a lively weekend spent socializing!

What do you think? What is the best way to deter students from relying on A.I. and falling further behind on an academic level?

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