One of the most majestic animals in nature is the moose. It is very rare for anyone to catch a glimpse of these massive animals in the wild due to their remote residence. Some people call them "the unicorns of the Adirondacks." While it is rare to see one, it is even more rare to see two. One local chiropractor has smashed those odds.

For the 2nd time in a month, Dr. Sheridan Mish of LifePower Chiropractic has witnessed with his own eyes and captured on video a real life moose. His most recent sighting was truly remarkable as he witnessed one literally galloping in the lane ahead of him on an Upstate New York highway. Dr. Mish posted the sighting on his Facebook page with the full accounting.

Memorial Day Weekend Moose Sighting

Dr. Mish says he "saw his vehicle's life flash before his eyes," as he was driving North on State Route 30 near the Jesup River in Hamilton County in the Town of Lake Pleasant between Speculator and Indian Lake. He says the moose shot out of the woods at a high rate of speed at a 45 degree angle and galloped in the road for a distance before retreating back into the woods on the other side. It was cruising. Dr Mish said, "I had a passing lane, but I wasn't passing!"

As the title of the video indicated, this is his second moose sighting in just 17 days! That is unheard of and many nature fanatics and Adirondack enthusiasts go their entire life without ever even coming close to seeing one.

May 6th Moose Sighting

Dr. Mish's first sighting happened back on May 6th again traveling north on NYS Route 30, this time in Tupper Lake. You can clearly see the incredible size, beauty and wonder of this majestic mammal. You can see that in the video below.

This is the amazing benefit of living in Upstate New York and the Adirondack region. You really never know when you'll see something truly amazing. For Dr. Mish this is becoming a regular occurrence. We are lucky he has shown us just a glimpse of what he's seen.

More Photos of the May 6th Moose Sighting

Photo Courtesy of Dr. Sheridan Mish
Photo Courtesy of Dr. Sheridan Mish
Photo Courtesy of Dr. Sheridan Mish
Photo Courtesy of Dr. Sheridan Mish

According to, you can follow these guidelines if you want to possibly catch a rare glimpse of this amazing animal.

  • Moose are more active at dawn and dusk.
  • They are most active in the fall during their mating season, or "rut."
  • Water plants, such as pond lilies, contain significant amounts of sodium essential to a moose's diet. Moose can often be seen partially or entirely submerged in water grazing on these plants. Wetlands that contain an abundance of these plants are ideal for spotting a moose.
  • Despite their enormous size, moose actually move very quietly and gracefully through forests, and camouflage well into surrounding trees. That said, they do still favor wide trails, access roads, and wild fields where they have more freedom to move around. These locations also make it easier for you to spot them!

It's important to always keep a watchful eye and if you happen to be driving, always stay vigilant on winding Adirondack roads. Luckily, Dr. Mish only drove alongside and behind this moose and not into it. He's also lucky it didn't run into him.

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