Think you have what it takes to sing in front of nearly 40,000 people?

Every year, one lucky person is chosen to sing the National Anthem at the Boilermaker Post-Race Party and have American fighter jets zoom overhead during their performance.

Not only does it allow one to perform at a crowd double the size of Madison Square Garden, this contest has been proven to open the door for many musical opportunities.

Just ask last year's winner, 17-year-old Kaitlyn Marie. Two different prestigious music schools in Nashville were bowled over by her moment and offered her admission.

She also is releasing a brand new single called "Memories," which she describes as "an indie-pop-styled breakup song."

It will be released across all major streaming services on May 31st, but you can catch a preview of the song by watching her acoustic rendition of it on the WIBX Keeler Show.

Kaitlyn has had an incredible year and a bright future ahead of her. Check out more of her songs on her official Spotify.

WIBX and the 2024 Boilermaker team are once again hosting the National Anthem singing contest, which will be held at Babe's at Harbor Point on North Genesee Street in Utica on Tuesday, June 18.

The contest starts at 6 p.m. sharp and is expected to run 2 hours. Anyone can enter the competition and contestants can be of all ages. Registration ahead of time is not required - all one needs to do to enter is show up and sign in at the door.

Tom Pennington, Getty Images
Tom Pennington, Getty Images

Those interested in showing off their singing chops will be handed a microphone and perform the National Anthem exactly how they'd perform it at the 2024 Boilermaker. No other songs can be sang at this contest.

WIBX and Townsquare Media invites the community to join us on Tuesday, June 18, for the Boilermaker 2024 National Anthem Singing Contest. The contest will be hosted by Bill Keeler and other members of the Boilermaker staff.

The Boilermaker team will also determine other singing opportunities for 2 other contestants.

Who knows, this could lead to your big break, too!

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