A new shelter with a mission to help those less-adoptable pets find loving homes is coming to the Mohawk Valley.

Rover's Do Over


Opening in Frankfort, New York, Rover's Do Over is a non-profit with a mission to rescue and rehabilitate animals that would otherwise struggle to get adopted. The facility will take in misguided, misunderstood, and mistreated animals from overwhelmed shelters in order to give them the time and attention they need to be successful.

The press release outlined:

Their goal is to assist struggling animal shelters and lead by example to inspire individuals and organizations to come together and create a better tomorrow for animals in the Mohawk Valley and beyond. RDO is dedicated to helping end the unnecessary mistreatment and/or killing of companion animals by promoting adoption, spaying/neutering, responsible pet ownership and advocating for community involvement.

Already, other regional shelters are praising Rover's Do Over for preventing animals from being passed over for adoption and, in some sad cases, being unnecessarily euthanized.

Shelters Are Struggling

dog victim of animal abuse and mistreatment

Unfortunately, due to inflation and other matters that affects finances, time, and stability, more animals are being surrendered or even dumped at shelters.

It's said animal shelters are working at max capacity and are even struggling with overcrowding due to this ongoing issue. Because of that, more animals that do need time and attention are slipping through the cracks.

In addition, time and space for these animals is dwindling and that may be exacerbating their issues.

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Rover's Do Over is taking in those long-term resident animals from other area shelters so they can get the one-on-one time they need. In essence, the shelter is all about giving animals a second chance at life, so they can finally experience a loving home and family.

The Rome Humane Society praised RDO for its mission and said they are a welcome presence in the animal rescue community.

We wholeheartedly support their mission and commitment to rescuing and rehabilitating pets who have been misguided, mistreated, or misunderstood. The services they offer, including support for shelter dogs requiring additional resources to prepare them for adoption and finding suitable placements for animals that may otherwise be sent to the shelter or deemed less desirable for adoption, play a vital role in addressing the persistent challenges we encounter in our community.

By taking long-term resident animals out of shelters, it frees up more space for animals immediately ready for adoption.

Community Outreach

In addition, the shelter is making the process of surrendering or transferring a pet they can no longer handle less painful.

House of Paws Rescue Inc
House of Paws Rescue Inc

RDO stated no judgement will be passed and explained, "Sometimes the most selfless thing someone can do for their dog is to give it a chance to have the best life possible with someone else."

Those who are considering making the heartbreaking decision to surrender a pet to RDO can click HERE.

Celebration Planned

Dog bowl is a hungry German Shepherd waiting for someone to food in his bowl.
David Baileys

The community is invited to a big party to celebrate RDO's grand opening. An inaugural event, titled "Ales and Tales," invites animal lovers to the Old School Bar & Grill in Utica this Saturday.

The pet-friendly event will allow people to meet some adorable animals RDO has prepared for a loving, new family. Not only will RDO be able to show their success stories, it's designed to also raise awareness about the importance of responsible pet ownership as well as spaying or neutering pets.

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Said Chelsea Williamson, RDO Founder:

We believe that every animal deserves a 'do-over' - a second chance at a happy and fulfilling life. We are thrilled to officially launch Rover’s Do Over and work towards our vision of a world where all animals are treated with compassion and empathy.

The party doors open at noon, January 27, and the event runs through 3 in the afternoon.

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