According to a new study, New Yorkers are working themselves to the bone and are raking in the most dough.

If you find yourself doing more than the 9 to 5 grind, you are definitely not alone.

New Study Praises NY

The business experts at Upflip crunched data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to see which states added the most value to the economy for every hour worked.

And, New York, we work a lot.

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In the end, New York dominated the list with an impressive amount of hours worked and the most money generated from said working hours. In 2022 alone, those in the Empire State sacrificed 14,296,359,000 hours to their employers and saw a collective return of $1,725,176,181,000.

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According to math, that means the state saw the highest margin of highest value-added per working hours. That number came out to $120.67 per hour - and I am sure a lot of us are wondering where can we get a job that pays that much.

How Other States Performed

Washington claimed second place on this new roundup with 5,502,872,000 hours worked in 2022 and a value-added output of $589,474,184,000. After doing some wonky math, that equates to around $107.12 added per hour worked.

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Delaware slid into third place with an average of $104.09 per hour worked. Employees there busted their collective rears there for 691,655,000 and generated a value-added output of $71,992,738,000.

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California was fourth with an average of $102.79 per working hour while Connecticut rounded out the top five with an average of $101.40.

The remaining top 10 consisted of Massachusetts, Alaska, New Jersey, Illinois and North Dakota.

What Does This All Mean?

A spokesperson at Upflip explained this measure is used to see if an economy is healthy or anemic.

Chung Sung-Jun, Getty Images
Chung Sung-Jun, Getty Images

And, with New York topping the list, it means our economy is doing quite great:

While it can be fairly easy to work out which states are adding the most value to the economy, measuring this against the hours worked is where it gets interesting, with many potential surprises featuring in this top ten from all corners of the country. When it comes to the value-added per hour worked statistic, the US average sits at $79.48, and around half of all 50 states sit below this, showing that many states are providing well for the economy, regardless of size and population.

And, if it means anything, a new study from personal finance website Wealth of Geeks also used 2022 data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to see what states are working the fewest hours annually.

Guess where New York showed up on the list?

The Empire State tied in third with Wisconsin, with 8,687,612 jobs jobs with 14,296,359,000 hours worked each. That's equal to 1,646 hours worked annually, per job, which translates to roughly 31.65 hours worked weekly.

But what do you think this all means? Why did New York top the lists and does that mean we're all due for a big pay raise next year?

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