Listen. Life after the holiday season is stressful enough. There are unwanted gifts (that can't effectively be regifted) to return and groceries to purchase with the influx of well-needed cash. What you do NOT want to do is be caught up in some mess that somebody else--who is definitely not sane-- is up to.


Particularly if you're in a NY Walmart. Particularly if you're in any Walmart. You've seen the memes. We've all seen the memes. My local Walmart doesn't have the colorful clientele that some others do, but maybe that's because I don't shop late.

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But here's the thing, you've probably heard all sorts of things being announced over the loudspeaker... about spills on aisle A23 or for a manager to come to the front or hopefully, just music. And prayerfully it's one of your favorite songs to shop to.


But, as per "Best Life", if "you hear an unfamiliar message coming from the loudspeaker, it can be a bit disarming—and sometimes there's actual cause for concern. At Walmart stores, you may have heard some color-coded messages, which the retailer uses to indicate different situations at the store. As it turns out, some matter more than others."

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I don't know about the other "codes". That may be a compelling post for another day. But what I have heard is "CODE BROWN" means there has been an act of violence in the store. Mind you, an "Act of Violence" covers a lot ground. Is somebody punching a TV or throwing apples? Either can be dangerous.

How did we come to know about "CODE BROWN" anyway?

CREDIT: Canva/Envy McKee
CREDIT: Canva/Envy McKee

Walmart employees are spilling the beans on Reddit and such. Walmart, the corporate conglomerate has not confirmed or denied this, but that isn't at all surprising.

With that in mind, the key to having this inside information is that if you hear "CODE BROWN" over the loudspeaker, DO NOT PANIC. Don't be the sole screamer that causes everybody else in the store to scream either. Don't run and don't cut up.

Let's practice.

You hear "CODE BROWN". What do you do?

A. Pay attention to your surroundings.

B. Gently, quietly leave your cart exactly where it is and walk yourself in the direction of the door.


D. Traverse the parking lot to your car.

E. Find and get in your car.

F. Turn the key or press the ignition.

G. Drive to Target.


Here's What Each Walmart Emergency Color Code Means

Some Walmart intercom codes involve the use of different colors. Each color is linked to a particular event or situation occurring in the store.

The significance of these color-coded alerts can range from relatively significant incidents to potentially critical, life-threatening situations. Understanding what these codes imply is crucial for Walmart employees. This understanding ensures they can promptly take required safety steps as and when necessary.

Hopefully, you'll never hear these codes announced at Walmart, but if you do, at least you'll know what they mean, and how you should act accordingly.

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