In the words of Eazy-E, "It's all about makin' that GTA."

In what may be the greatest heist in Upstate New York history which, let's be honest, isn't saying much at all, 12 cars were stolen from Hertz Rental Cars in Gates. For the rental company, this really hertz. But who could be so dastardly? This took a team of at least five, according to the police.

Let's do the math here. Five people, twelve cars. Assuming they drove away with all of them, which is likely since they were said to have "acquired" the keys prior, they would have had to come back at least three times. Somehow, police initially thought that 17 cars had been stolen but then later came back to say it was about a dozen.

In the initial unlawful acquisition of rental motor vehicles, they took a Chevrolet Suburban to push other vehicles out of the way of the gate. Then they used the Suburban to crash through the gate. Supposedly, the gate didn't fling open and also did not sustain any significant damage, which I suppose does make it a bit more believable that they were able to do this and get away without anyone seeing it. Albeit far less dramatic. Come on, if you're gonna heist, at least do it fashionably.

At this point, police are still trying to figure out how the rapscallions managed to "acquire" the keys of the cars as well. At this point, they say they have no reason to believe any Hertz employees were involved.

According to police, they have recovered about half of the stolen vehicles. One of the vehicles was in the possession of two juveniles who were charged with possession of it. It is unclear if they were involved in the stealing of it.

Unfortunately, this heist is the silver medal for Rochester heists. In 1990, $11 million was stolen from an armored truck and never recovered. It is currently unknown the worth of the stolen vehicles however.

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