For one night only, 4 months before Halloween, go on a ghost hunt just South of Central New York.

Join the non-profit group Pride Paranormal NY as the conduct guided Paranormal Investigations in the historic 1892 Earlville Opera House (EOH) Theater on Saturday, June 8th, from 7PM - 9PM and 10PM - Midnight.

Pride Paranormal NY is led by seasoned Paranormal Investigator Kenny Harris who will provide a night of fun, education and exploration of the paranormal possibilities at EOH. Attendance is limited and registration is required by calling (315) 691-3550 or signing up on the opera house website. Cost is $20 per person.

Pride Paranormal NY is a fully inclusive paranormal investigation team originating in Central New York. Through community engagement, workshops, paranormal investigations and lectures, Pride Paranormal NY seeks to work with their community to provide a safe, inclusive and understanding atmosphere to explore the concepts of spirituality, identity, and the paranormal, while educating participants on the diverse cultural and spiritual history of New York. Pride Paranormal NY works with local community groups and historic sites to increase the visibility of underrepresented populations through the scope of pseudo-scientific paranormal investigations.

Pride Paranormal NY is funded entirely by guest donations and provides their services to historic sites, museums, and charities at no cost to support these venues. The group is an LGBTQIA+ focused paranormal investigation team operating in the state of New York that celebrates both pride and the paranormal.

Earlville Opera House Arts Center is located at 18 East Main Street in the quaint Village of Earlville, New York.

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