Panera Bread in New Hartford is always a busy parking lot. One of their popular drinks is leaving the menu very soon, and here's why.

One of the popular beverages on their menu you've seen going viral on TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram is their charged lemonade. That drink has been surrounded by controversy leading to the end of this popular item nationwide, and by extension, that also means New Hartford and Syracuse locations.

"The item will reportedly be removed from menus throughout the country in the coming weeks. For those who prefer this as their favorite drink, time is running short to enjoy it one final time."

According to CNN, the reason behind the removal is that Panera has faced at least three separate lawsuits over the drinks, claiming that the high levels of caffeine in the product has led to the deaths of two customers and irreversible health complications in another.

If the product is so dangerous, then why not recall and remove it from the menu immediately?

The main reason is the ingredients with how it's made. It's not an issue of something added by mistake.

For those in New Hartford and Syracuse who like the drink, it'll remain on the menu for a bit longer. It gives you one last chance to grab a charged lemonade before the current variation is gone forever. However, a new lemonade will come. CNN also reports there will be new drinks that will replace the discontinued lemonades which should satisfy customers.

"Panera's charged lemonades were introduced in 2022 but have been surrounded by legal problems that have ultimately led to its elimination."

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