Just two hours after she was released from the custody of the Southampton Town Police without bail on three arson charges, Amanda Burnside, of East Quogue was arrested at the Dollar Tree store in Hampton Bays on the morning of November 13 and charged with attempted robbery.

This is according to NPR's Long Island Morning Edition.

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Burnside was first arrested on November 14 for suspected arson. News 12 Long Island Reports that "Amanda Burnside set a bench and porch of a home on fire."

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Burnside was arrested again and charged with attempted robbery and criminal possession of a weapon. Burnside is being held in county jail.
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A statement from the Suffolk County District Attorney Raymond A. Tierney, reads as follows:

Earlier today, my office requested that Amanda Burnside, an alleged serial arsonist, be held in jail on $500,000 cash, $1 million bond, or $1.5 million partially secured bond during the pendency of her case. The arraignment judge nevertheless released the defendant on her own recognizance and told her to report for supervised release within 72 hours. Less than two hours after her release from detention, the defendant allegedly committed an armed robbery. Clearly, the dangerousness of this defendant, who allegedly tried to ignite three homes on fire, was not adequately considered, given that within two hours of her arraignment, she allegedly committed another serious, violent felony. Furthermore, the danger that this defendant posed to society could never be adequately considered insofar as dangerousness is not a bail factor that judges can consider under New York State law. My office will continue to seek that defendants that pose a threat to public safety, remain in custody, despite the obvious flaws to our law.

The conversation seems to be zeroing in on the fact that Burnside was released on bail, rather than the prospect that Amanda Burnside is dealing with mental illness challenges that need to be addressed.

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