Wait, is the internet saying people in New York State aren't among the hardest working people in America? Well, one website is claiming that.

It’s a surprise that a state that has always been known to work hard and put in the ingenuity to steadily put out innovative inventions, build an empire on Wall Street, and build the worlds best farms in Upstate, is not among the most hard-working states in America. A recent study that was done by QR Code Generator, looked at employment data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and found that New York isn't even in the top ten.

1) In first place is Michigan, with residents working a massive 1,866.8 hours annually on average.

2) Second place goes to Wyoming, with people from the state working an average of 1,820 hours annually.

3) South Carolina takes the third spot on the list, with residents found to be working 1,809.6 hours annually.

Here's a look at their Top 10:

QR Code Generator
QR Code Generator


2015 and 2024 data for average weekly hours worked, for each state across all industries, was taken from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. These weekly hours were multiplied by 52 (assuming 52 work weeks during the year), to find average annual working hours. States were then ranked by total hours worked annually.

How Though?

It's pretty shocking to see the state with one of the largest cities in the world, not even make the top of the list. Do you agree with the findings? Let us know on our station app. I mean, data is data.....but this doesn't make much sense.

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