There is a new scam happening in Central New York that involves sheriffs, and money. Here's what we know so far:

The Oneida County Sheriff's Office was recently made aware of the scam where callers are impersonating members of the Sheriff’s Office demanding that fines are paid due to active warrants. They posted this news on Facebook:

Oneida County Sheriff's Office agency members will never demand payment or request personal financial information from residents over the phone. Scammers often speak quickly and use an authoritative tone to pressure victims into sending money.

Here are some steps the Oneida County Sheriff's posted that you can take if you receive a call from a suspected scammer:

1) Stop and take a breath: Scammers will put you on the spot to make you feel rushed

2) Collect your thought: If the call seems suspicious, it most likely is

3) Act swiftly: Disengage the caller and hang up the phone

4) If you or a loved one has been the victim of a scam, contact the Sheriff's Office at 315-736-0141 to make a report.

Experts Are Warning New York Residents To Avoid Mailing Checks

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