Did you experience any sort of weird feelings or sickness after the Solar Eclipse in New York? Apparently, you aren't alone.

Many online claimed to have felt sickness after the eclipse, that's according to The Mirror. We will get into that in a second, because sadly, this author can relate. Let me explain....

During the eclipse, my wife and I went over to my in-laws house to watch with our family and kids. It got dark, cold, and a little spooky. Of course my children were wild, they are young and that's what young kids do. After the eclipse, my wife took two of our kids to Syracuse because she needed to make a trip to Destiny USA, while I went home with our twins.

While at home, I just had this overwhelming feeling of uneasy-ness. I felt sad for no reason, on edge for no reason, extremely hungry even though I didn't want to eat anything, and for some reason, extremely thirsty. I was tired, but that's my day to day life with my sleep schedule. I guess these feelings were related to the eclipse?

Some of the phrases The Mirror highlighted soaring on social media after the eclipse were the following:

"I'm feeling unusually wiped out, but it's not physical tired."
"Anyone else have a feeling of nausea right after the eclipse ended?"
"We planned a big meal after the eclipse, but I have no appetite at all."
"Why do I have this feeling of doom?"

NASA has previously dispelled the misconception that the eclipse has an impact on human health. The space agency said: "There is no physical relationship between a total solar eclipse and your health, any more than there is a relationship between your health and a new moon."

So what in the world are we all feeling? Did you feel the same too?

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