Lake Placid New York has a historic record when it comes to Olympic ice sports. Why are they painting the ice black?

Lake Placid has hosted the Winter Olympics twice, in 1932 and 1980. Both events have left it's mark on the world of winter sports.

1) In 1932, Lake Placid welcomed athletes from around the globe to the III Winter Olympics. This event held the world debut of indoor ice hockey and the first appearance of the famous "Lake Placid 1932" logo, which would become iconic in the history of Olympic branding.

2) In 1980, the XIII Winter Olympics dubbed the "Miracle on Ice" was the home to the most historic hockey moment in modern history when the United States ice hockey team, consisting of amateur and college players, achieving the unimaginable by defeating the powerhouse Soviet Union.

The Olympic spirit continues to thrive in Lake Placid today as the region's Olympic facilities are still actively used for training and competitions.

Why Is The Ice Now Black?

According to Lake Placid Legacy Sites on Facebook, the ice in 1932 Jack Shea Arena is being painted black. This is being done because the World Figure and Fancy Skating Championships begins at the Olympic Center.

This unique event features skating performances on black ice which shows the fancy artistic figures created on the ice by the skater's blades. Along with the competition is an exhibition entitled "Art of the Olympians" exhibit. The event continues through Sunday, but the not to miss event takes place on Saturday with the Fancy Skating Finals from 7 - 9 pm, followed by the Crystal Carpet Awards Ceremony.

That is why the ice will take a black color going forward.

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