Is it just me? Teenagers seem to have a knack for "inhaling" household necessities in a day that would take an adult person (with a fully formed frontal lobe) a week or two. I do not understand this. I try to understand this. I have not yet found a path forward in understanding this. Husband and I only have one teen present in our household, but some days, it feels like we're raising a fleet of them. Whether it be deep conditioner, food, or paper towels--we can't seem to keep anything stocked in the house for more than a few days. Do teens have a special portal they use to make things disappear? Are pre-adults also pre-magicians? Have we done our children a disservice by raising them on Harry Potter? Do teens, specifically, have horcruxes that suck in family staples? Some days I feel crazy, because I swore the house was stocked--and then, just like *snaps* --it's all gone.



I do not have the answer to any of these questions, but I did walk around our house to take inventory of some of the things we just cannot seem to have enough of. If you too, are a parent of teen people, let a "Bestie" know if you can relate.

1. Paper Products

Is toilet paper edible?  Husband and I often wonder how a roll of toilet paper disappears in one day flat.



2. Toiletries

Whether it's deep conditioner or deodorant, even when I buy a giant, brand new any of it, by the time it's time for me to use it, it's gone.



3. Water

We buy two 5 gallon jugs of water at a time. Teen isn't a fish, but we think she does this with it.



4. Clean Clothes

Every week, I see the child take bags of clothes to the machine. But teen never seems to have clean clothes to wear. How Sway?



5. Food

This is the big one. Toddlers are one thing. But teens are on a whole other level.


I do not know how they do it, but teenagers are masterful at making household items disappear. Do you have any suggestions?

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