I tend not to associate fish heavily with art, but some creative folks in Troy have converted a fish market into an art hub called N. Central Troy Creates.

User u/CivilRiceOnionRing made a Reddit post promoting it:

Howdy Folks - me along with a couple other Albany and Troy based artist have recently started a project called "N. Central Troy Creates" out of a converted fish market. We have art-based activities and open studio nights happening every week! ALL FOR FREE. We also just put in a digital lab and a reading corner. Is this something folks in this sub are interested in?

All activities at the studio are completely free. Their primary goal is to establish a spot where artists and the community can gather and learn not only about art but learn more about the community and its needs. They hope to better understand the arts and how the arts can play a role in serving and bettering the community, and how they can shape the future for the community through a mutual love of the arts and, most importantly, shape it together.

And, of course, they have weekly creative sessions with open studio nights where artists can mingle and gain inspiration, as well as other art based activities.

They assure in the reddit post that they have the funds to stay open and provide their services for free for at least a year. That said, they of course rely on charitable donations and sponsors.

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