You'll be able to see another rare celestial event over the skies of New York this April. The best part, it won't burn your eyeballs out.

When and How to Spot the ‘Devil Comet’ Over New York

Comet 12P/Pons-Brooks is one of the brightest known periodic comets. According to NASA, it earned the nickname of “devil comet” in 2023 when an outburst caused the comet to have an asymmetrical appearance, like having horns. It comes around every 71 years and is currently getting brighter as it flies toward the Sun.

The Devil Comet will make its closest approach to the sun on April 21st 2024. This means that starting THIS week (April 8th), it could potentially be visible to the naked eye, given the right conditions. In the Northern Hemisphere, the comet is best viewed with binoculars or a small telescope right after the Sun dips below the horizon, look West just beneath the Moon, and just right of Jupiter. An hour after sunset, the comet drops so low, it will be difficult to see without a perfectly clear view of the horizon.

More Dates To View

From Forbes, here's some upcoming dates:

Wednesday, April 10th: due west with Jupiter, below a crescent moon.

Friday, April 12th: Although it's been close to Jupiter for several nights, tonight is when it's closest, so theoretically easiest to find.

Sunday, April 21st: The comet will tonight be as close to the sun as it gets on its 71-year orbit, making it reflect the most light and, therefore, be theoretically easiest to see.



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