If you thought the "Duel of the Fates" was intriguing, then strap yourself in for the Duel of the Crossgates. Take a look here.

Let me set the scene for you.

Unfortunately, we're missing some of the setup, but boy, do we get the meat and potatoes of this battle. Naturally, it happens at a children's charity kiosk, the classiest place to have a fight in a Mall. Well, somebody must've wished to throw hands because that's what happens.

Tables were turned. Literally. The tables were all distraught, pamphlets flying all over the place. When it was time for this fight to go mobile, this went all the way to "Famous Footwear." A good thing too, because somebody lost a shoe along the way. One of the duelist was dragged all the way from the kiosk into "Famous Footwear" by their braids. In the midst of all this pandemonium, one Good Samaritan actually swooped in while the brawl was still hot to pick up some of the pamphlets.

Some people call them Paul Blart, but I've gotta give the Mall Police credit here. True, we don't see this fight from the beginning, but it appears we start pretty close to the start and they showed up pretty quickly.

And oh you better believe Reddit was all over this one. One user chimed in with, "She made a donation to the Make A Fist Foundation." Another said, "And this is why if I have to go to Crossgates, I go on a Tuesday morning." A user asked, "How did Crossgates become such a dump but Colonie center didn't?" To which another user replied, "Colonie Center has Barnes & Noble. Stupid people are terrified of books."

It is unknown if any charges are being pressed at this point.

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