As Black Friday approaches, you might wonder if people in New York are some of the most patient shoppers, or not. Guess where we fall?

As sales ramp up and we all prepare to kick off the holiday spending season, retail workers prepare to work in the state with the least patient holiday shoppers. Yes, are you really shocked? New York shoppers are some of the most impatient shoppers in all of America.

This, according to the team at scheduling software Deputy, who surveyed 500 plus retail employees and 2000 plus consumers across the nation. In New York here's what they found:

- 64% of residents consider themselves to be more patient while shopping during the holidays. Compare this to the most patient state, Minnesota, at 85%.

- The average holiday season spending in New York is $1,579.

- Nationally, employees estimate that their stores receive an 84% increase in foot traffic during the holidays and the average employee experiences a 16.6% decrease in job satisfaction during the holiday season. Just 29% of employees say they feel that their company is adequately staffed for the holidays. However, the average employee makes $220.66 more per week during the holiday season (+33.1%), due to increased hours and overtime.

So as you venture out to go shopping on Black Friday, let's try and change these facts. Let's try to be a little more kind than normal to prove that at least in Upstate and Central New York, we are nicer than the rest of the state.

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