The award for the hardest University partiers goes to....

Sure parents hope their kids are going to school to get an education. But it's about more than just going to class. Let's be honest, the kids want to party. Not all, but most. The best parents can hope for is they'll find time to learn something along the way.

Each year, Niche comes up with the Top Party Schools in the nation. The University of California in Santa Barbara has the honor of being at the top of the list for the last several years.

What about in New York State? Where are the best college campus party scenes?

top party school in New York
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#1 Syracuse University

Syracuse University has the honor of being the top party school in New York, a title they've held on to for several years. It's #5 in the nation.

The party scene at the school gets an A+. Athletics do as well, which is no surprise to any Orange fan in Central New York.

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The student body motto at SU is "party hard, work hard." You better work hard after spending almost $44,000 a year on tuition. And it's not easy to get into the school either. The acceptance rate is only 59%.

SU top party school in new york
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University at Albany, SUNY

The University at Albany, SUNY comes in just behind Syracuse University at #2 in New York and #39 in America. The school also gets an A+ for their party scene.

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It's a little easier to get into the University of Albany than Syracuse with a 68% acceptance rate. It's a lot cheaper too with tuition costs at a little over $17,000 a year.

university at albany top party school
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