When they say you can start them young, this BMX community took that message to heart.

Who knew there were many places around to race and train for BMX in Central New York? What we thought was just something cool to watch on T.V. or YouTube is actually a hobby you can pick up locally for yourself.

Not only that, but your kids can join in on the fun too.

Credit - CNY BMX via Facebook
Credit - CNY BMX via Facebook

CNY BMX is a local track and non-organization in Bridgewater, New York. They're located at 408 Pritchard Avenue, right off of Route 8 behind the Bridgewater Free Library and Justice Court.

They've always hosted riders of all ages, but now they have a special track just for your little ones. Recently, the community came together to construct a "strider track" on the property. It's a multi-level loop, filled with hills, divots and lights just like the main course.

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Now every kid age 1-5 will have a safe and fun place to ride for practice and racing. It will even be open for free roaming and riding during the full track races.

Credit - CNY BMX via Facebook
Credit - CNY BMX via Facebook

If you ever wanted to get your kid into something fun like BMX riding, now is the time to do it. CNY BMX is a welcoming organization, always looking to accept and teach new members. No matter what age they are.

They are hosting two Open House events on April 24th and 26th for anyone interested in joining. You can get more details by visiting their website.

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