Something new is coming to Enchanted Forest Water Safari for the 2024 summer season.

The water park in Old Forge, new York doesn't open until June but the new owners are making a few changes before the gates open.

Innovative Attraction Management (IAM), a company out of Florida, bought the water park along with Calypso’s Cove, the Old Forge Camping Resort, and Water’s Edge Inn.

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IAM is a company that likes to create fun and safe experiences for families, focusing on theme parks, hotels, and campgrounds.

CEO for IAM, James Harhi said they are committed to preserving the park's legacy and have plans to "enhance guest experiences."

Enchanted Forest Water Safari in Old Forge
Photo by Gino Geruntino/TSM

New Adventure for 2024

Guests will get to experience a new adventure this summer.

A new aerial adventures Ropes Course with Zipline will debut at Calypso’s Cove. Traverse the 2-level course through various features and obstacles up to 30ft in the air. The attraction's curved Zipline glides guests around the perimeter of the course.

The Ropes Course replaces the Batting Cages, Rock Climbing Wall, and Zipline.

“It’s a great attraction for families and groups to experience together for team building, bonding, agility, and fun. We look forward to watching the attraction come to life and to welcoming guests to experience it this summer,” said Cathy Dunlap, Water Safari Resort President.

Credit - Enchanted Forest Water Safari
Credit - Enchanted Forest Water Safari

Cooler Cut Backs

Cooler protocols are also changing at Water Safari.

Previously, everyone could bring a cooler with their food and beverages while enjoying a day at the park.

For the 2024 season, only season pass holders will be allowed to bring in a cooler and it can't be any bigger than 60 quarts.

New park owner James Harhi says exemptions will always be made for babies and anyone with special dietary needs. But the change is needed to help control what is brought into the park. "It is impossible for us to really inspect everything and get you in at a fast pass."

There is one thing that will be inspected. All bags will be checked at the entrance.

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Water Safari
Credit - Enchanted Forest Water Safari

Tailgating Still Allowed

Parkgoers who don't have the season pass may not be able to bring a cooler in but they can still bring food and drinks. It'll just have to be left in the car.

Harhi says tailgating will still be allowed and there are even plans to create some picnic table areas for anyone who wants to eat and drink outside the park.

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Water Safari is expected to open for the 2024 season on Wednesday, June 12.

Season pass and one-day ticket prices will remain the same. Discounted tickets at area businesses will also be available for the new season.

Get more details at

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