One lucky lottery player is waking up a millionaire. And it's not someone from the Big Apple for a change. The winning ticket was sold in Central New York.

The winning numbers from the Monday, April 22 Powerball drawing were:

12-16-33-39-52 +1

The winning million-dollar ticket was sold in Onondaga County at the Wegman's on Brewerton Road in Cicero.

A winning Mega Millions ticket was sold in Cicero less than a month ago. This one came from the Speedway on Brewerton Road.

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Winning Powerball ticket sold at Cicero Wegman's
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Don't Fall For Lottery Scams

Several lottery scams are going around you should be aware of. They have different names but all have the same intent - promising big prizes in official-looking emails or texts if certain fees are paid.

There is no “Mega Millions sweepstake international lottery program,” no “Mega Million Jackpot Winners List,” and no “Mega Millions International Lottery.”

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Credit - Mega Millions
Credit - Mega Millions
Credit - Mega Millions
Credit - Mega Millions
Credit - Mega Millions
Credit - Mega Millions

Only Way to Win is to Buy a Ticket

The only way to hit a lottery jackpot is to buy a ticket and match some or all of the winning numbers.

Winners never have to pay any fees to claim a real lottery prize. If you are asked to pay money, it is a scam.

You can check all winning numbers at

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