Look closely. There's something not right about these $100 bills circulating around Central New York.

The Gloversville Police Department has received numerous complaints of phony money being found on North Main Street. If you look closely, you'll notice it says "For Motion Picture Purposes" right on the bill.

Credit - Gloversville Police Dept.
Credit - Gloversville Police Dept.

Looks & Feels Different

The phony bills are not only labeled “For Motion Picture Purposes," Gloversville police say they don't feel like legal tender either.

This imitation currency has no value and is not legal tender. The imitation currency may be disposed of in the trash if discovered.

Counterfeit Bills in Utica

This isn't the first time the money has made its way into Central New York. Several area businesses shared a warning about phony cash circulating in Utica. Those motion picture bills were only $20.

Local downtown businesses beware we just had a younger girl come into the cafe and tried to pay with a fake counterfeit bill.

Prop Money

Where is all this movie money coming from? You can actually buy them online at PropMoney.com.

Aged prop money bills that look like real money, in fact, they are the closest that you can find to the real thing!"

How to Report Counterfeit Money

If you find counterfeit money or have information about any counterfeiting activity, the U.S. Treasury encourages you to report it to the U.S. Secret Service, or your local police.

How to Spot Fake Money, Jewelry & Handbags

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