If you see this bird, don't ruffle your feathers! His owner is looking for him.

It's not every day you see a rouge peacock strutting around Upstate New York, especially when it's nowhere near the closest zoo. You'd think the odds of it are close to zero...

But after this weekend, you can't say it's impossible.

Credit - Julie Lupino Fornino via Facebook
Credit - Julie Lupino Fornino via Facebook

A Bold Bird

One pretty peacock is getting lots of attention after being spotted randomly walking around in New Hartford.

Julie Lupino Fornino posted a picture of the bird on Facebook, asking the public if they knew anybody missing a peacock in the area. It didn't take long for the post to gain traction, eventually getting the attention of the owner's daughter, Samantha.

I think it is my parents!... Those peacocks are always getting in trouble!

According to Facebook, they were able to find the bird again around New Hartford's Ralph Perry Junior High School. But this wasn't going to be an easy catch by any means.

Credit - Google Maps
Credit - Google Maps

The peacock was running around the baseball field, staying just out of reach from Samantha and her family. In the end, they were unfortunately unable to capture the bird and bring him home.

Search and rescue failed!! If anyone sees him, feel free to contact [Samantha]. He flew off into the woods and after chasing him for an hour, we had to give up.

Believe it or not, this isn't the first time a peacock got loose in Central New York.

Kevin the Peacock

If you remember Kevin, you'd know he went viral last year after running around Cazenovia. His owner, Kim Parsons Lamphier, said it was the first year Kevin had flown that far away, since they started raising him at 3-months-old. His antics caused many people to call Fort Rickey, surprised to see a rouge peacock roaming the neighborhood.

Credit - Kim Parsons Lamphier
Credit - Kim Parsons Lamphier

Sadly, Kevin actually passed away last year after being struck by a car. He flew off for a second time, but was hit trying to cross the bridge on Route 46. Kim says she and her husband had Kevin cremated and created a memorial in his honor.

I kept most of his tail feathers and I will be making a memory frame with them and his urn.

With that being said... be careful driving around New Hartford. You never know when an animal could cross the road, and this one would be hard to miss.

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