Need weed? Have it delivered.

Move over Grubhub. Step aside DoorDash. There's a new delivery coming to town - cannabis, brought right to your door.

Dispensaries can now get approval from the Office of Cannabis Management to begin delivering to customers. But it's only for medical marijuana, not recreational use.

Delivery Guidance in New York

• Retail licensees must secure a warehouse to fulfill delivery orders while building permanent dispensary locations for up to one year.
• Customers must place online/phone orders only; no in-person sales or pick-up from the warehouse location.
• Customers must make online pre-payments only; no cash payments from cannabis consumers to delivery employee
• Delivery must be made by bicycles, scooters, or other similar methods of transportation as well as motor-vehicles
• Delivery can only be made to consumers 21 and older in New York. ID verification is required upon sale and delivery
• Up to (25) delivery staff is allowed per business, per requirements in the New York Cannabis law

The temporary delivery authorization will apply to all retail dispensary licensees.

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In November, the Cannabis Control Board gave preliminary approval to the first 36 Adult-Use Retail Dispensary licensees. 28 went to qualifying businesses, and 8 of those
provisional licenses went to eligible non-profits.

New York joins Arizona, Florida, Maine, Massachusettes, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, and Utah which allow medical marijuana deliveries. Only three states permit both medical and recreational cannabis to be dropped off at your door - California, Michigan, and Oregon.

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