Here's a cool way to turn a boring wall into something special for the entire community to enjoy.

There are so many buildings across New York that lack any uniqueness. They're just big brick walls, without any color to catch the eye. Sure, it's the inside that really matters. But there's nothing cool about a giant white wall with nothing on it.

One grocery store's former employee couldn't agree more. And she decided to turn that boring wall into her own blank canvas.

Credit - Schneider's Market, Kirkwood NY
Credit - Schneider's Market, Kirkwood NY

Schneider's Market, an independently owned grocery store in Kirkwood, just unveiled the most patriotic mural we've seen in quite some time. Mariah Smales was been hard at work, but her enormous painting on the side of the grocery store's outer wall is finally complete.

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On the mural she depicts an enormous American flag, taking up a majority of the wall alone. It flies high above a range of mountains, that appear to have the World Trade Center Twin Towers and Statue of Liberty on top of them. To the right is a soldier, taking a knee and showing respect to our nations great flag.

Credit - Schneider's Market, Kirkwood NY
Credit - Schneider's Market, Kirkwood NY

The mural leaves opportunity for more to be added to it, but also does enough to stand on it's own as well. Schneider's hasn't announced any more additions to the mural at this time, but we are excited to see them if they do.

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This is a great example of how a local business can make a big impact on their community. They not only supported a local artist, but they added some new color to their town as well. And it was all done through a patriotic tribute that'll last for years to come.

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