The heartless man who abandoned Miracle outside the Herkimer County Humane Society has been identified.

Paul-Carlos Palenzuela from Frankfort, New York, is the man accused of leaving the dog in the freezing cold on Thursday, February 3. He was arrested and charged with overdriving, torturing, and injuring animals; failure to provide proper sustenance, and abandonment of an animal.

This is a despicable act and also illegal. SHAME ON YOU! Someone knows this car, please be their voice.

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Tip Leads to Arrest

Someone did know the car that was posted in a video by the Humane Society. The New York State police received a tip on the vehicle, which led to Palenzuela's. He's scheduled to appear in German Flatts court at 3 PM on February 21.

As for the $4,000 reward leading to information on an arrest, no one has come forward to claim it. It will now be given to the Humane Society to help with animal care.

Finding a Miracle

The good news continues. The poor pitbull has found her miracle. After surviving 19 hours in the cold and being hit by a car, she's now been lucky enough to find a foster home with "an amazingly caring, loving, patient family who is giving her all the comforts she needs and more."

The foster family recently lost their dog, Maisey. Miracle is now wearing her collar for some “help from above”.

We want to thank them for getting her out of the shelter and into the warmth and love of a home and all of you for your overwhelming support of Miracle.

Credit - Herkimer County Humane Society via Facebook
Credit - Herkimer County Humane Society via Facebook

Miracle Spirit

The foster family shared an update on Miracle in a letter that will make the hardest of hearts break. She is getting better each day, but it's a slow process.

Her story doesn't end here. She has a good life ahead of her. A life where she hogs the couch. That's one issue I don't think we need to fix.

Credit - Herkimer County Humane Society via Facebook
Credit - Herkimer County Humane Society via Facebook

Miracle Training

Larry Leogrande from K9 Obedience Training is working with the family. "She’s doing better and the family is amazing. I’m going there next weekend to work with her and the family in person. Can’t wait to meet her and hug and kiss her."

Watch the foster family shower Miracle with love and from the looks of it, lots and lots of treats.

Foster Family Love

To whoever this caring foster family is, thank you! Thank you for opening your home and your heart to teach this poor defenseless animal what true love and compassion are really all about. The world needs more people like you.

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