Is this where Humpty Dumpty had his fall from the wall? It's where a fairytale Gingerbread Castle has lost its magic since being abandoned.

Once upon a time in 1930, in the village of Hamburg, New Jersey, sat a Gingerbread Castle. It was the centerpiece of a theme park that featured fairy tale characters.

New York photographer Dan Laroe, who explores abandoned places in the Northeast toured the abandoned park on his way through the area. "I did zero research other than finding the address, which isn't typical," says Laroe. "But I was heading to the Poconos anyway. It turned out to be the best part of the trip."

The park and castle closed in 1978. It re-open in 1989 but closed again a few years later.  "Considering how dull the exterior was it was a complete surprise," says Laroe. "It made me so happy to see a rainbow spiral staircase."

Dan Laroe
Dan Laroe

The park has been designated a historic district but efforts continue for rehabilitation from Preservation New Jersey.

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