Nudity as an “offensive” act is a stupid concept, but thanks to countless generations of puritans, the only acceptable time to be without clothing is your few seconds of life outside the womb. After that, nudity is a statement, which these 10 acts performed to shock and awe.

From Red Hot Chili Peppers and blink-182 performing nude as a successful gimmick, to underground bands stripping down in the heat of the moment, whipping out your man or lady parts is a guaranteed way to get attention (or arrested), especially if you do it on television. It can be done in the name of a cause, like Rage Against the Machine’s 1993 protest against the PMRC, or just for the sake of it, like when Courtney Love exposed her breasts to the entirety of Australia.

Check out the stories behind these 10 Times Musicians Got Naked Onstage in the gallery below.

10 Times Musicians Got Naked Onstage