Attentive Motley Crue fans may have noticed an Easter egg during the band's Tuesday show at Ohio Stadium, where they played a snippet of the John Corabi-era track "Hammered."

You can hear the teaser in the video below.

The band dusted off the 1994 song between "Too Fast for Love" and "Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)." "Oh, you like that old shit, huh?" singer Vince Neil asked the audience before bassist Nikki Sixx began riffing on "Hammered."

"Here's one you can all sing to," Neil continued as guitarist John 5 picked up on the cue and started playing the riff, prompting Sixx and drummer Tommy Lee to blast back into the song.

"Nah, we're not gonna do that song," Neil then deadpanned.

The whole thing lasted about 20 seconds, but it was a rare deviation in Motley Crue's otherwise tightly scripted set. It was also a rare acknowledgment of their brief time with Corabi, who replaced Neil from 1992-97 and sang on their 1994 self-titled album, which found the rockers abandoning their signature glam-metal sound in favor of alternative metal.

Motley Crue consequently sold far less than the band's previous albums, peaking at No. 7 on the Billboard 200 and conking out at gold status. (Its direct predecessor, 1989's Dr. Feelgood, topped the Billboard 200 and sold 6 million copies in the United States.) After an ill-fated attempt at a second album with Corabi, Motley Crue gave their interim singer the boot and reunited with Neil for 1997's Generation Swine. Since then, the band has abandoned Motley Crue material live and on greatest-hits compilations.

Fans jonesing for more Motley Crue material can hear Corabi perform some of it during his solo tours. He also performed the album in full for 2018's Live 94 (One Night in Nashville) LP.

Motley Crue, meanwhile, is in the middle of their ongoing world tour with Def Leppard, with dates scheduled through November.

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