While a wide range of musicians have been heard lamenting how their music becomes connected to political positions or promotional pitches, Kansas are delighted about their connection with All Elite Wrestling team, the Elite.

Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks last year took to making their AEW entrances backed by the band's classic track "Carry On Wayward Son," as seen below. In a recent episode of Paltrocast, also below, vocalist and keyboardist Ronnie Platt explained his feelings.

"That's the original that they're using," he said. "I saw that video where they're walking out in the stadium, and all the people are going nuts. Oh my God, that was so cool."

"That's just good for the band," Platt continued. "That's good promo and really introducing Kansas, even though the kids might not know who the band is or haven't heard the song before. It really is initiating young people to that music. So that's all good. We call that job security."

Wrestling media recently reported that the Young Bucks – Nick and Matt Jackson – had wanted to use "Carry On Wayward Son" for a long time, having been fans of the 1976 track for years. They'd previously entered fights to the music in their formative years before arranging to use it at AEW contests for the foreseeable future. It was also noted that despite the lyrics of the chorus, including "There'll be peace when you are gone," use of the song was not connected to a feud the Bucks had developed with rival wrestler CM Punk.

AEW has purchased the rights to other songs for its wrestlers to use, too, such as "Cult of Personality" by Living Colour for CM Punk and "Where Is My Mind?" by Pixies and "Jane" by Jefferson Starship for Orange Cassidy. (They were reportedly not able to get "The Final Countdown" by Europe for Bryan Danielson due to its high price.)

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