An author who’s written extensively about AC/DC believes he’s finally identified the woman who inspired classic track “Whole Lotta Rosie.”

The fan favorite song, with lyrics written by Bon Scott, tells of a sexual adventure with someone who “ain’t exactly pretty, ain’t exactly small.” In a new blog post, Jesse Fink reported that he’s been asked about the truth for years, but only recently found what he thinks is a photograph of the real-life Rosie – saying it puts a face to a tragic life story.

“The tales and legends around the song have become almost as wildly inflated as the cartoonish stage prop that has appeared behind the band in concerts,” Fink wrote. “But Rosie is now firmly etched into rock mythology.” He added: “On the 1976 tour, Bon supposedly was yanked into a random doorway by a 42-39-56-proportioned woman while walking the streets after a gig. … Rosie, as she would become known, was with another girl at the time, and Bon went off with both of them to their shared room.”

He cited an interview in which Scott claimed, “‘She’d have broken my arm if I’d refused,” and elsewhere said, “She was so big she’d sort of close the door and put it on you… she was too big to say no to. So I just sorta had to succumb… I had to do it. Oh my God, I wish I hadn’t.”

Fink’s investigations extended across Australia and resulted in a number of suggested identities, with even the mayor of one town claiming he knew the real Rosie. “But my experience has been that those individuals who boast they know Rosie today never seem to come up with any details beyond what is already available on the internet or in books; they add nothing new to the story,” he said.

Eventually, the writer was approached by a woman who told him she’d known Rosie, and “her story checked out.” According to Fink's findings, Rose-Maree Carroll (Garcia) worked as a prostitute or brothel keeper and died of a drug overdose on March 2, 1979, aged 22.

The post was accompanied by an unearthed photo showing Garcia and friend Graeme Fry, who hoped sharing it would lead to restoring contact with other friends from the era. “Case closed,” Fink wrote. “This is Whole Lotta Rosie. A human being – not the butt of a fat joke… she had red hair. She’s also far less gargantuan than the song makes out, but Bon was a born yarn-spinner. It’s just unfortunate there’s such a sad story behind it.”

Fink’s latest book, an updated version of Bon: The Last Highway: The Untold Story of Bon Scott and AC/DC’s Back in Black, is available for preorder now.

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