A woman on Reddit feels trapped after moving in with her boyfriend, who she realized might not be the man she wants to be with "forever."

The woman, 22, explained she has been living with her boyfriend, 23, for a about a year now. The couple hadn't even been together for six months before getting a place together.

"We just moved into our second place together about a month and a half ago. Even before we started the process of finding a new place I was overcome with a crippling amount of anxiety, even more so since we moved into the place fully. We moved in for convenience, not because we had a sit down conversation about it," she wrote via Reddit.

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"I regret it. I regret signing the new lease and being trapped. I love him so immensely but have started realizing that I don’t think this is the man I want to be with forever, he was my first real, adult love," the woman continued.

The woman noted that her boyfriend has a lot of "growing up to do," as he doesn't chip in on any of the household chores.

"I do all the cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, remembering all the important dates in both of our lives. I can’t have different opinions from him without feeling stupid and conceding so there’s no more bickering," she concluded.

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Users in the comments offered up their opinions, with many suggesting the woman break up with her boyfriend.

"Obviously your current situation is untenable. Perhaps you could write him a letter expressing pretty much what you wrote here. If he loves you he will be willing to discuss things and try to do better. If he just continues on as if nothing happened then you will have to summon the courage to leave him, as he will have revealed he doesn’t love you as much as you love him," one person wrote.

"You shouldn't force yourself to be with someone who you know you aren't happy with. Imagine bringing a child into this situation and having to mother the kid and him. Imagine going an entire lifetime never being able to voice your opinion to your own partner. If you have discussed this and he refuses to change, you need to leave. Maybe he will be hurt if you move out. But it was his choice to treat you like that," another chimed in.

"You care so much that you are throwing up and having panic attacks over someone who doesn't care enough about you to take on even one of the chores you mentioned. He doesn't care that he is sucking the life out of you just so he is comfortable," someone else shared.

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