The '90s was a wild ride. We started the decade with overly teased/permed hair and normcore clothes and ushered in the 2000s with a completely different vibe: slick, sleek locks paired with low-rise jeans (shoutout to the whale tail) and tube tops. Pure insanity.

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How was a '90s teen supposed to keep up with these rapidly revolving trends? Enter the teen 'zine, your guide to the fashion and beauty scene.

'90s girlies subscribed to countless magazines and then devoured the monthly issues the moment they were delivered. Seventeen, YM, CosmoGirl--all featured fashion spreads, celeb interviews, and whacky personality quizzes.

These magazines also featured plenty of advertisements where impressionable teens were introduced to the shampoos that promised to give them gorgeous, full-bodied hair. How many of y'all remember seeing a glossy full-page ad for Herbal Essences and begging your mom to let you buy a bottle during your subsequent Walmart run?

Those ads introduced us to the haircare products that would define the decade: from the pricey salon lines like Nexxus and Paul Mitchell to the more affordable options like Salon Selectives and Aussie. Are y'all ready to walk down memory lane?

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