This Sunday we "spring" ahead for Daylight Saving time which means it will be lighter later and later.

But is this the last time we have to change the clocks for Daylight Savings time in New York?

The simple answer is No, but changes could be coming very soon.


Currently, there is a proposed bill in the New York Senate that would get rid of Daylight Saving time once and for all.

Senate Bill S1929 would establish daylight saving time as the year-round standard time of the state and the city of New York. This means we wouldn't change our clocks ever again.

Right now the bill is in the New York Senate committee which means they are researching the pros and cons and debating the bill. If the bill moves from the committee, the next step would be to discuss the bill on the floor of the Senate and then it would be put up for a vote.

If approved it then would go to the governor's office to be signed into law.

That is not going to happen this week, which means we would at least "Fall" back this November for daylight saving time.

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Not every state observes Daylight Saving Time.

Hawaii and parts of Arizona, along with American Samoa, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands do not currently follow Daylight Saving Time. The rest of the country would just keep the same time these areas have right now.

Daylight saving time was introduced by the federal government in 1918. Over the years it has been changed numerous times, and the current daylight saving time lasts much longer than the original one from 1918.

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