Dolly Parton is one of the few celebrities no one can say anything bad about. She is an absolute sweetheart, she gives back to the community, and to this day she doesn't compromise. Everyone loves her, and if you don't...fix that.


At the ripe age of 78 years old, Dolly has had quite the career and probably could write an entire book packed full of advice (oh wait-she has), but it's the advice she gave nearly 30 years ago that may be her most valuable words of advice to date.


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Dolly's Words of Wisdom

Appearing on her ABC variety show back in 1988, Dolly is shown sitting on a stool in a sparkly red dress taking questions from the audience. A very young man approaches the microphone to ask her a question "on behalf of his school newspaper" which is rather adorable. You know that kid was going to get insane street-cred for getting a quote from DOLLY PARTON at the height of her career.



The kid used his one shining moment to ask Dolly if she could tell the "teenagers of America" today (1988) one thing, what would it be? A good, optimistic question, right? Well, in class Dolly fashion, she responds:


I would say "act like its raining everyday and wear your rubbers".


Definitely not the response anyone was expecting, but it was absolutely sound advice, and it's advice that still rings true to this day!


Put that in your school newspaper, pal.

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