A massive recall has been issued for more than 50 frozen meat products sold in New York State. A New York-based company, Kingsland Food Processing Corp. of Maspeth, has issued the recall. A wide variety of types meat has been recalled by the company.

Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash
Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash

The meat and poultry products being recalled were not inspected by federal agents, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service.

The recalled items, which total 54 varieties of meat products, were produced on dates ranging from November 1, 2022, through July 20, 2023. They have "best before" dates between 8/01/2023 and 4/20/2024. The products bear establishment numbers “EST. 48204” or “EST. P-48204.”

Wholesale customers in New York State, as well as New Jersey, Pennsylvania, California, Florida, and Texas received the products either directly or through wholesale distributors. The recall was issued after FSIS inspection personnel found various meat and poultry products being produced in rooms separate from the official premises. Because of this, the products were not inspected.


View All Of The Labels Of The Products Affected By The Recall

Here are all 54 products subject to the recall:

1 Chicken Paws
2 Mid Joint Wing (Chicken)
3 Chicken Skewer 6/Tray
4 Chicken Heart Skewer 6/Tray
5 Chicken Gizzard Skewer 6/Tray
6 Chicken Breast Meat Skewer 6/Tray
7 Chicken Paws
8 Chicken Paws


9 Hotpot Beef Roll
10 Honeycomb Tripe
11 Hotpot Slice Beef
12 Beef Skewer 6/Tray
13 Beef Tongue Sliced
14 Beef Tripe Sliced
15 Beef Tripe Shredded
16 Beef Scaled Tripe
17 Beef Tripe
18 Oxtail CleanCut


19 Beef Bone
20 Beef Rough Flank
21 Pork Leg Bone
22 Grand A Pork Spare Rib Sliced
23 Pork Belly Skewer 6/Tray
24 Berkshire Lacone (Pork)
25 Pork Jowl
26 Hot Pot Pork Belly Roll
27 Pork Belly Bone-In Skin-On
28 Pork Neck Bone

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29 Pork Feet Cut Cube
30 Cut Pork Rib
31 Hotpot Slice Lamb
32 Hotpot Sliced Lamb Roll
33 Lamb Skewer 6/Tray
34 Skin On Goat Cube
35 Skinless Bone-in Lamb Flap Cube
36 Lamb Scald Tripe


37 Bone-In Lamb Shoulder Cube
38 Beef Chuck Rib Sliced
39 Chicken Paws Nail Off
40 Pork Kidney Sliced
41 Pork Liver
42 Skinless Mutton Cube
43 Pork Stomach
44 Lamb Leg Cube
45 Beef Tendon
46 Beef Omasum
47 Beef Omasum
48 Beef Center Femur Bone
49 Boneless Chicken Paw
50 Duck Tongue


51 Lamb Bone
52 Chicken Heart
53 Hotpot Pork Belly Sliced
54 Skinless Goat Cube

You can find product weight information here.

If you have any of these products in your freezer, they should not be consumed. Throw them away or return to the place of purchase.

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