Survivor is getting ready to launch their 45th season tonight.  They've been on the air well over 20 years.  So how many of those castaways have been from here in NY?

We've been gathering around our TVs to watch Survivor for a long time now.  It's hard to believe it's already been 23 years since we first started seeing people get voted off of the island.  They've had 44 full seasons and with tonight's premiere, they will kick off the 45th.

How many times has someone from New York been represented on Survivor?

In 45 seasons, 67 people have claimed New York as their home state.  Now, some of those episodes were all-star episodes so people came back for them but it wasn't their first time on the show so we didn't count them twice.

What season had the most New Yorkers on it?

Season 36 was just loaded with New Yorkers.  There were 5 contestants in total from New York state.  Most of them from New York City or Brooklyn.

Were there any seasons that didn't have any New York contestants on it?

There were.  There were 6 seasons that didn't have a single person there to represent New York State.  They included:

  • Season 12 - Panama
  • Season 14 - Fiji
  • Season 22 - Redemption Island
  • Season 28 - Cagayan
  • Season 40 - Winners at War
  • Season 43

Has anyone from New York ever won Survivor?

It's a tough task to actually win the entire season.  But it's happened for a couple of New Yorkers in the past 20 years.  In Season 10 (Palau) Tom Westman a firefighter from Sayville, NY won.  In Season 23, Sophie Clarke from Willsboro, NY won.  In Season 39 New York was represented by Dean Kowalski from New York, NY who was a runner up to the winner Tommy Sheehan from Long Beach. That was the last time someone from New York brought home the big prize.  There have been plenty of runners up throughout the years though.

Want to see every contestant who has ever represented New York on Survivor?

Check out the entire list here:

Survivor contestants from NY

Season 1 - Borneo

Sean Kenniff – Carle Place, NY (5th)

Season 2 – The Australian Outback

Kimberley "Kimmi" Kappenberg – Ronkonkoma, NY (12th)

Jeff Varner – New York, NY (10th)

Alicia Calaway – New York, NY (9th)

Season 3 Africa

Frank Garrison – Odessa, NY (7th)

Kim Johnson – Oyster Bay, NY (Runner Up)

Season 4 – Marquesas

Robert “The General” DeCanio – College Point, NY (6th)

Season 5 – Thailand

Shii Ann Huang – New York, NY (10th)

Kenneth “Ken Stafford – Brooklyn, NY (8th)

Season 6 – The Amazon

Rob Cesternino – Wantagh, NY (3rd)

Season 7 – Pearl Islands

Shawn Cohen – New York, NY (12th)

Season  8 – All Stars

Season 9 – Vanuatu

Eliza Orlins – Syracuse, NY (4th)

Season 10 – Palau

Tom Westman – Sayville, NY (Winner!)

Season 11 – Guatemala

Brian Corridan – New York, NY (9th)

Season 12 – Panama (New York not represented)

Season 13 – Cook Islands

Virgilio “Billy” Garcia – New York, NY (19th)

Rebecca Borman – Laurelton, NY (11th)

Season 14 – Fiji (New York not represented)

Season 15 – China

Ashley Massaro – East Northport, NY (15th)

Courtney Yates – New York, NY (Runner Up)

Season 16 – Micronesia

Eliza Orlins – New York, NY (10th)

Season 17 – Gabon

Charlie Herschel – New York, NY (9th)

Jessica “Sugar” Kiper – Brooklyn, NY (3rd)

Season 18 – Tocantins

Brendand Synnott – New York, NY (9th)

Stephen Fishbach – New York, NY (Runner Up)

Season 19 – Samoa

Liz Kim – New York, NY (13th)

Season 20 – Heroes Vs. Villains

Season 21 – Nicaragua

Dan Lembo – Watermill, NY (5th)

Matthew “Sash” Lenahan – New York, NY (3rd)

Season 22 – Redemption Island (New York not represented)

Season 23 – South Pacific

Mark “Papa Bear” Caruso – Forest Hills, NY (17th)

Christine Shields-Markoski – Merrick, NY (13th)

Sophie Clarke – Willsboro, NY (Winner!)

Season 24 – One World

Sabrina Thompson – Brooklyn, NY (Runner Up)

Season 25 – Philippines

Roxy Morris – Brooklyn, NY (17th)

Roberta “R.C.” Saint-Amour (11th)

Season 26 – Caramoan

Francesca Hogi – Brooklyn, NY (20th – First one voted out)

Alexandra “Allie” Pohevitz – Oceanside, NY (19th – Second one voted out)

Shamar Thomas – Brooklyn, NY (17th)

Michael Snow – New York, NY (11th)

Andrea Boehike – New York, NY (7th)

Season 27 – Blood Vs. Water

Katie Collins – New York, NY (8th)

Season 28 - Cagayan (New York Not Represented)

Season 29 – San Juan del Sur

Josh Canfield – New York, NY (11th)

Reed Kelly – New York, NY (8th)

Season 30 – Worlds Apart

Joaquin Souberbielle – Valley Stream, NY (13th)

Kelly Remington – Grand Island, NY (12th)

Season 31 – Cambodia

Monica Padilla – Queens, NY (16th)

Stephen Fishbach – New York, NY (9th)

Season 32 – Kaoh Rong

Elisabeth "Liz" Markham – Brooklyn, NY (16th)

Anna Khait – Brooklyn, NY (13th)

Season 33 – Millennials vs. Gen X

Jessica Lewis – Voorheesville, NY (10th)

Zeke Smith – Brooklyn, NY (9th)

Season 34 – Game Changers (All star season – no new contestants)

Season 35 – Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers

Simone Nguyen – New York, NY (17th)

Season 36 – Ghost Island

Jacob Derwin – Merrick, NY (19th)

James Lim – New York, NY (15th)

Chris Noble  - Brooklyn, NY (13th)

Desiree Afuye – Brooklyn, NY (11th)

Domenick Abbate – Nesconset, NY (Runner-up)

Season 37 – David vs. Goliath

Pat Cusack – Cohoes, NY (20th – First one out)

Season 38 – Edge of Extinction

Victoria Baamonde – Bronx, NY (6th)

Julie Rosenberg – New York, NY (3rd)

Season 39 – Island of the Idols

Jason Linden – New York, NY (15th)

Dean Kowalski – New York, NY (Runner Up)

Tommy Sheehan – Long Beach, NY (Winner!)

Season 40 – Winners at War (New York not represented)

Season 41 –

Sydney Segal – Brooklyn, NY (12th)

Tiffany Seely – Plainview, NY (11th)

Season 42 –

Jenny Kim – Brooklyn, NY (15th)

Chanelle Howell – New York, NY (11th)

Season 43 – (New York not represented)

Season 44 –

Danna Massa – Bronx, NY (7th)

Season 45 –

Kellie Nalbandian – New York, NY (Season hasn’t started yet)

Katurah Topps – Brooklyn, NY (Season hasn’t started yet)

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