Getting married anytime soon?  There is a new wedding trend that brides and grooms are doing that is going to be huge this summer in New York.

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We have a lot of traditions that so many brides and grooms do just to make other people happy.  Whether it's something like the dollar dance, or something as popular as the garter and bouquet ceremony that makes just about everyone uncomfortable, not every tradition has to happen at your wedding.

If you don't want to do something at your wedding...don't do it.

Your relatives have all had their wedding day.  They got to do it their way.  This one is your celebrate you taking a huge step and making an even bigger commitment.  It's about you.  Make the day reflect that.

That's why this new trend is going to be big this summer.

It's called "The Last Last Dance."  I just saw it for the first time this past weekend and it was really cool.

It does have it's pros and cons and I'll get into those in just a bit, but first, what is it, and why do they do it?

What is "The Last Last Dance"

It's literally the last dance of the night.  What makes it special is that it's only the bride and groom.  No one else is even in the room.  It is the last song that the DJ plays and it's just for them just to share one moment together after all the fun and craziness.

Picture how crazy wedding receptions get.  For a lot of people, their wedding is more of a blur.  It goes by super quick.  It's months of planning and then in what seems like a blink of an's over.  This is their chance to just enjoy their reception for 3 more minutes after everyone else has left.

Why Should You Do A "Last Last Dance?"

Your wedding is absolutely crazy.  Even the first dance can seem a little hectic.  The time flies by and before you know it, it's time to head home.  This last dance is a chance to just slow down and enjoy it before you head home.  It's like that moment when you sit down after a busy day...only this time, you get to do it with your new husband or wife.

This looks awesome!  So what are the cons?

The cons are that first of all it's really tough to get all of your guests to leave.  It's a little awkward asking them to pack their things up and head out so that you can have this moment.  Anyone who's been to a wedding and stayed to the end knows how incredibly long it takes for everyone to file out.  And lets be honest, a lot of bridal couples don't want it to end.  But for this to have the effect that you're hoping for, the room needs to be completely empty.

Another con is that you often have to shut down the party a little early for it to happen.  Most venues aren't crazy about you sticking around a half hour afterwards to have one dance after everyone leaves.  So in order to get the ball rolling on it, your DJ will have to have the last dance for everyone else about 10-15 minutes earlier than your actual closing time.  However, because the crowd filed out so quickly after the event was over, the venue that we were at seemed to also love this.'re going to be exhausted.  Weddings take a lot out of people.  But again, it's like any big party you throw.  When it's all over, it's nice to have that moment to exhale.

I was at a wedding on Saturday where they did this...and it was perfect.  It was calm, and relaxing, and seemed to be a perfect way to end the night.  Don't be surprised to see it happen at weddings this summer, and if you are the bride or groom, I would completely recommend you doing the Last Last Dance.  Just look at the comments on the video above.

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