After a big snowfall, is it legal in New York State to simply clear off enough your windshield and head out on the road?

You're driving behind a car or truck during the winter, when suddenly, a huge chunk of snow flies off their roof and slams into your car. You think: that's GOTTA BE illegal. But is it?

The simple answer is: NO.

The reality is a little more complicated. The NYS Legislature has been looking at laws that would make it illegal - but none have been passed yet - like this one that appears to have languished in the Senate Transportation Committee.

On the other hand, if you have so much snow on your car that you can't see out the windows, you CAN be ticketed for having an obstructed windshield, or pulled over excess snow that poses a safety issue, according to

In a worse-case scenario, say snow flies off your car and hits a person or another car, and causes injury or damage. You can definitely be charged with a violation for that.

Let's be honest - leaving all that snow on your car is just inconsiderate. It's going to fly off somewhere, and it's a safety hazard - so just clear it off.

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