In Central New York, we know better than to determine the arrival of spring based on an arbitrary date on the calendar. We base it on one thing - and that thing has happened.

No matter what the calendar, weatherman, or a little furry groundhog says: spring hasn't arrived in Central New York until you can get a bacon cheeseburger and an extra thick shake at Voss Bar BQ.

It happened: Voss is open for the season.

Yes, you might freeze to death while waiting for that hot dog, but it's all worth it. Let's be honest: you don't really live in CNY until you've sat in your car - with the heat on - eating either food from Voss or an ice cream cone.

"I Love Utica" posted a video of opening day on Facebook. Check it out, and then get ready to get in line. Voss is located at  815 Oriskany Blvd, Yorkville, NY. 




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