Some days you really just need a little more support than normal. You know, the boys can be a little unruly sometimes and just need some comfort.

Sometimes in life, a little support can help get you through the day. A nice and comforting hug can be all a fella needs. Or lady. In this case, my fellas got just what they were in search of. The best pair of underwear you could ever possibly imagine finding. And believe it or not, I found them at a very typical place that people shop in Rome.

All I did was hit the clearance rack in Marshall's. By the way, we do so desperately need more Marshall's out in the Utica-Rome area. I walk by, I see the $10 price tag on a fresh new box of New Balance Dri-Fit undies, and in my cart, they went. I thought I just would end up with more underwear, because who can have too many pairs of underwear? That is not a thing. What I didn't imagine was how truly life-changing these undergarments would be.

With all support jokes aside, the problem with boxer briefs is simple. As the day goes on, they lose their elasticity and quickly become incredibly uncomfortable. I know if you're a man, you get what I mean. These stay nicely hugging my fat thighs all day, and it is beyond wonderful. Plus, they are so bright in color, and it's just like a cherry on top. Well on top of underwear made out of mostly polyester.

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