There are unusual thefts from time to time, someone trying to stuff some steaks down their pants or people not realizing employees monitor those self check out registers and attempting to not scan all of their purchases. But stealing apples? And $5,000 worth of apples at that.

New York State Police are investigating the larceny occurring at Sanger Farms on Lockport Road in the town of Porter. The farm and bakery reported the theft of thousands of dollars worth of honey crisp apples right from the orchard,

At first thought, how many apples does it take to equal $5,000? Based on a recent Wal Mart ad, a 3 lb. bag of honey crisp cost $5.82. So if the math is correct, about 859 3lb bags or over 2500 lbs. That's a lot of apples.

The investigation indicates the honey crisps were taken between September 7 and September 21 in an area of the farm not open to the public. Farm crews were last in the area of the orchard on September 7 to spray for insects, and the apples were discovered missing on September 21.

Farm owners say "the apples were picked from the bottoms of trees and were picked clean, meaning no apples were on the ground which is common among U-pick apples by consumers." Police are looking for the public's help with solving the crime.  Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Bureau of Criminal Investigation at 585-344-6200, use reference #9835913. Read more on the investigation at the State Police website.

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