A Grinch or maybe even two, stole a 200 pound, hand carved, eagle from the front yard of a home in Rome.

The Rome Police Department is asking for help from the public. "We are investigating the theft of this incredible six foot 200lb wood carving."

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The carving was dragged across Dawn Riggs Pace's yard on North Madison Street over the weekend. "Got tire marks on our lawn," she wrote on Facebook. "If anyone gets this nice Christmas present just know it’s a stolen piece."

Pace is asking neighbors if the theft was caught on any security cameras.

"So stinking sad, some people are just rotten," said Mary LoMascolo Lickfield "There’s way too much stealing from people’s yards around here, especially this time of year."

"That is so terrible, Don Marie Donley said. "Why can’t people leave stuff alone if it doesn’t belong to them?"

If anyone has any information on the wood carving, they are asked to contact Officer Page at 315-339-7780.

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