During Sunday's coronavirus update by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, he was asked by a reporter if he had considered allowing drive-in movie theaters to open.

The governor said he hadn't considered it, but actually thought it was a good idea. You have a family that is already together all in the same car enjoying a movie and getting out of the house. It sounds like a good idea. However, Cuomo's staff isn't so quick to jump on the bandwagon. Rob Mujica Jr. Director, New York State Division of the Budget, said in the press conference that the Empire State Development would have to classify workers at the drive-in as essential to allow them to open.

The workers at the drive-in would have to agree to put themselves at risk to do their job as essential employees.

Governor Cuomo says he's going to take up the fight.

Even though there won't be any new movies opening this spring or summer....or maybe even fall, drive-ins could run older movies.

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