Fleetwood Mac kicked off their first tour since the recent departure of Lindsey Buckingham tonight in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with a 24-song set that showcased both the band's storied history and its two newest members.

If you were expecting longtime bassist John McVie to serve as the evening's host, well ... no. Instead and quite more logically, Stevie Nicks took the master of ceremonies role on most occasions, warmly greeting the crowd after the opening "The Chain" and establishing herself as first among equals with particularly strong performances of songs including "Black Magic Woman" (a 1968 Peter Green-fronted single later made famous by Santana), "Rhiannon" and "Gold Dust Woman."

Former Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers guitarist Mike Campbell made his very welcome presence felt early and often with frequent extended solos. At this extremely early stage his loose, somewhat rough style understandably hasn't fully grafted with Fleetwood Mac's more polished sound, but the newly-configured lineup's take on the Green-era gem "Oh Well" points a clear path towards such a meeting of the minds.

Fleetwood Mac dug deeper into their non-Buckingham history than they have in recent years with set list additions such as 1970's "Tell Me All the Things You Do" and 1973's "Hypnotized," which Mick Fleetwood dedicated to former bandmate Bob Welch.

They also made plenty of room for the band's other new member, Crowded House and Split Enz veteran Neil Finn, who took lead vocals for Mac classics such as "Second Hand News" as well as his own "I Got You" and a duet with Nicks on "Don't Dream It's Over." The band's elders took extra time to praise the latter song, with Fleetwood declaring it "opened many doors in my heart," and Nicks admitting that she'd always thought, "Boy, I'd really love to sing that song someday."

The encore began with Nicks taking the lead on a tribute to her dear friend Tom Petty via a cover of "Free Fallin'," moved onto "Don't Stop" and concluded with a poignant Nicks and Christine McVie duet on 1995's "All Over Again": "Well it's it's time to move on to the rain / And finally break the chain / In spite of the heartaches / And troubles in love / I'd do it all over again."

Fleetwood Mac Set List, Oct. 3, 2018 - Tulsa, Oklahoma

1. "The Chain"
2. "Little Lies"
3. "Dreams"
4. "Second Hand News" (Neil Finn on vocals)
5. "Say You Love Me"
6. "Black Magic Woman" (1968 single, Stevie Nicks on vocals)
7. "Everywhere"
8. "I Got You" (Split Enz cover, Finn on vocals)
9. "Rhiannon"
10. "Tell Me All the Things You Do" (from Kiln House, 1970)
11. "Storms"
12. "World Turning" (featuring drum / percussion duel)
13. "Hypnotized" (from Mystery to Me, 1973, Finn on vocals)
14. "Oh Well" (Mike Campbell on vocals)
15. "Don't Dream It's Over" (Crowded House cover, Finn and Nicks duet)
16. "Landslide"
17. "Isn't It Midnight" (from Tango in the Night, 1987)
18. "Monday Morning"
19. "You Make Loving Fun"
20. "Gold Dust Woman"
21. "Go Your Own Way"
22. "Free Fallin'" (Tom Petty cover, Nicks on vocals)
23. "Don't Stop"
24. "All Over Again" (From Time, 1995 - Nicks and Christine McVie on vocals)

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