What are these loud booms and bangs being reported over New Hartford? We still don't have an answer, but now the sound is being reported over the city of Rome.

There's still no explanation for the loud noises that were reported over New Hartford October 22nd and 23rd. There is video of a flash of light that was seen after the bang, and there is no explanation for that too. Barbara Virginia reports she saw a flash of light near West Dominick street around 6:55PM just a few seconds after the sound.

The sounds over Rome are reported as happening on October 26th near midnight. It was first reported to the "People and Events of Rome NY - Uncensored" Facebook group:

Maci Harrington: I’ve been at the fort when the fire canons and that exactly what it freaking sounded like!

Vanessa Thomas: I heard it by E Garden I thought someone was in my yard it sounded close.


The sound is almost identical to the sounds over New Hartford. Residents in both areas are saying this: it’s like what a bomb would sound like.  Paul Miscione, the New Hartford Town Supervisor, says there is no explanation for the sound so far in New Hartford. Currently, there is no statement from Rome.

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